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Our History

Techno 90 Ltée has rapidly become the reference for business IT solutions in northern New-Brunswick. Our multi-talented team has accumulated more than 50 years of combined experience in the Information technology field. Our services vary from the detailed analysis of your IT environment, to the design and implementation of complete networks (wired and wireless), to software development/databases, sales of hardware and software solutions, and now complete web development and graphic design!

At Techno 90 Ltée we believe in acquiring a thorough understanding of your business in order to incorporate the right technology solutions for your specific IT and business needs.

Techno 90 Ltée was created in March of 1990, when Paul Thériault (Chaleur Business Systems) of Bathurst and Bernard Gauvin (Nord-Est Equipement de Bureau) of Tracadie, joined forces. The two co-owners still operate out of our 2 locations and opened a new office in Moncton in 2008, purchasing an existing clientele (Fax Mart Systems) of over 200 customers, bringing their total to over 600. In 2009, Techno 90 Ltée acquired another POS company (Porcupine King POS) in Moncton, acquiring another 30 grocery and convenience store POS system customers, bringing their total POS to over 250.
Techno 90 Ltée ’s expertise and participation since the year 2000 has been instrumental in the creation of a new POS software solution for convenience and retail stores. Techno 90 Ltée Ltd has over 105 CnCPOS sites installed in Atlantic Canada.
During the GST implementation, Techno 90 Ltée went from 3 employees to 11 within a week, in order to GST upgrade more than 500 cash registers within a 2 month period. They also sold a record 125 cash registers that January alone. We KNOW cash registers.
In January 2010, Techno 90 Ltée expanded our product portfolio to include telephone telecom systems by acquiring a 19 year veteran employee of that market segment. He has been directly responsible for more than 400 telecom installs throughout his career.
Our Future
Our vision of the future is dedicated to service, keeping you informed of the latest technologies best suited for you. Employee training is top priority. Most of our technicians have many years experience with A+, MCP+internet, MCP, MCSE, Novell, Dell, Compaq, HP, and Lexmark certifications that allow us to maintain international recognition for our quality of service. We’ve also completed 80% of an ISO 9002 certification program for our company operations.
Techno 90 Ltée celebrated our 10th year anniversary in 2000. We celebrated this exciting occasion by being accredited with the Entrepreneur of the Year award for the Chaleur region of northern New Brunswick.
Our Clients
Techno 90 Ltée directly services over 1500 customers throughout Atlantic Canada with a wide range of the latest products.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Techno 90 Ltée

1. Easiest POS software solutions you’ll ever encounter
     Prevent frustration…gain peace of mind
2. Proven stability and performance in multiple sites throughout Canada.
     No headaches… gain peace of mind
3. Save enormous time learning this simple product over all others
     (train new seasonal staff with training mode)
     Time is money $... gain peace of mind
4. Security and report features for improved control
     Excellent tool to manage employees, inventory movement, intentional theft, errors, or loss
     Now you know what’s going on in your business… gain peace of mind
5. Faster customer checkout process and friendlier cashiers
     Happy customers always come back… gain peace of mind
6. Fast return on your modest investment – it should improve your bottom line
     More $ money in your pocket… gain peace of mind
7. Adaptable – flexible – complete
     Will adapt and migrate to all your business requirements… gain peace of mind
8. Handles every aspect of your business POS needs.
     We’ve done our homework and have the best solution… gain peace of mind
9. Installed and serviced by Techno 90 Ltée
     Our impressive qualifications include Entrepreneur of the Year award, 21 Employees, 18 Service partners,
     24-7-365 dispatch, over 600 cash register customers, and over 300 POS systems throughout
     Atlantic Canada… gain peace of mind
10. Respected dealer with 20+ years in the industry

Techno 90 Ltée in Our Community

  • Jeux du Canada (2003)
  • Jeux de l'Acadie
  • COFJA (1999) Jeux de L'Acadie
  • Festival des Rameurs (1997-2002)
  • Maison de Passage " Radiothon " (1996-2002)
  • Exposition Industrielle Blanche Neige
  • Atlantic CAN-AM Challenge
  • Exposition industrielle et commerciale (Péninsule, Chaleur, Restigouche)
  • Chambre de commerce de Bathurst, Campbellton, Miramichi, Moncton
  • Jeux Régionaux
  • Soccer Chaleur
  • Ringuette Chaleur
  • Le Radiothon Richelieu
  • Le Train de l'Humour
  • Les amis du (CCNB) NBCC
  • Le Club Richelieu
  • Rotary Club
  • Association Moto Tourisme Acadie Chaleur
  • Bathurst Hospitality Days
  • Acadiens Festival
  • Le Radiothon des Roses
  • Place des Jeunes School
  • Secondaire Népisiguit School
  • CUS
  • Marie Esther de Shippagan School
  • École Secondaire Népisiguit



  • Bathurst, NB 
    375 St-Andrew
    E2A 1C6

    Tel.: 506-546-8880
    Fax: 506-546-8885
    24/7 Tech Line: 1-800-561-8324 (1-800-561-TECH)


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