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Point of Sale (POS) Systems: Control Your Inventory

Both Paul and Bernard at Techno 90 Ltée/Ltd have extensive cash register experience. In fact, in the beginning, we were an exclusively cash register business. We are still the exclusive Uniwell cash registers sales and service centre for New Brunswick. We were also the licenced distributor of these products for Atlantic Canada for a number of years. Other cash register dealers still call Techno 90 for support because of our expertise.
Because of the increasing demand for better control and management, Techno 90 took the big jump to retailing business computers (1992-1997). This demand was created by shrinking profit margins, recession, competition, etc. In June 2007, Techno 90 acquired the Optima line of cash registers through an acquisition of another company and recently started with the line of Sharp® cash registers as well. We also use Logivision and CnCPOS retail POS inventory control systems and Veloce restaurant POS inventory control systems. Today, our only “computer” focus is on point of sale systems (computerized cash registers).
A POS System for Every Business
Inventory control is the key to success. Techno 90 has a system to fit every type of business, specializing in grocery, retail, liquor store outlets, restaurants, gas pump interface, convenience stores, bars (liquor control), and more. We have had tremendous success and are fortunate to have excellent inventory control systems for convenience, grocery, and liquor stores using PC based cash registers and computer technology. We have implemented small to mid-sized convenience stores and mid-sized grocery stores (Cloverfarm, Foodland, Inter-Marché-Provigo, Quik Mart, etc.) with PC based solutions. We specialize in First Nations community convenience stores, handling provincial requirements for Native quotas and exemptions.
Gas Stations
Gas pump interface Progressive International POS solutions [including Parkland Fuels (Fast Gas and RaceTrack), XTR, Ultramar, Esso, Wilson’s and Shell] have been installed in gas stations using PC based software, which combines into one machine the gas console, cash register, and credit/debit machine.
Fuel Management Solutions
We’ve been a trusted partner in the retail fuel and convenience store industry for many years. Let us assist you with the following:
● Solutions for unattended fuel site operators including commercial and retail card locks, 24-hour
   retail sites, airports, marinas and fleets.
● Solutions for credit and debit card transaction processing (in store and pay-at-the-pump
● Software solutions for fleet card management and processing.
● Back office management software to assist you with inventory, promotions, reporting, HR, loss
   prevention and cash control.
● Head office control for managers with multiple sites.
Techno 90 is uniquely specialized in liquor inventory control, using the advanced technology of the Brand ID Universal Systems and Controls (USC) or Azbar system. This is a system where bartenders cannot pour a drink, draft, wine, or pop without it being registered by an electronic counter, thus controlling over-pouring, spillage and theft. This system, due to its uniqueness, seems expensive at first glance, but our customers agree that the total return on investment (ROI) happens in a very short period (6 to 12 months).
Techno 90 has special touch screen software for restaurants (Veloce POS) which handles order entry, kitchen orders, staff time clock, inventory control, split billing, food cost, deliveries, reservations, club memberships, and gift certificates. This software eliminates employee theft and miscalculations. Learn more about why we use Veloce POS.
Products we also sell and support include:
Kilotech electronic scales
● Label printers
PSC Magellan restaurant scales and scanners
● Counterfeit money decoders
● Bank cheque encoders
MBO Systems bank note (money) counters
Momentek time clocks
Instacomm waiter/waitress paging systems
GENPOS hardware terminals
● Paper, ribbons, and supplies for all of this equipment
POS System Repair
A cash register or POS system is a valid part of any business and our philosophy is simple: it must be repaired now! A technician is on call 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and throughout Atlantic Canada. This philosophy has been our trademark since our inception. Techno 90 proud to be one of very few POS/cash register companies under the same ownership and same company name in Atlantic Canada over the course of the last 21 years!
Maintain communication with state-of-the-art copiers, FAX machines, and multifunctional digital products.


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